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Missouri Water Resources Research Center


We are excited to announce that the Water Resources Research Center and the Center for Watershed Management and Water Quality have merged to form the Missouri Water Center.

The Missouri Water Center serves the State of Missouri and the nation through innovative research on managing water resources and water quality, training students for water-related professions, and creating and transferring knowledge that enhances safety and the economic, environmental and social status of its citizens.

The Missouri Water Resources Research Center was established in 1964 following the enactment of the National Water Resources Research Act. This act created a national network of 54 research centers which provide the nation with a coordinated effort to solve state, regional and national water problems. Professor Baolin Deng, of the Civil and Environmental Engineering Department, is the director of the Water Resource Research Center.

The Water Resources Research Institute Program for the State of Missouri is funded by the United States Geological Survey (USGS) and administered through the Missouri Water Resources Research Center. The federal research dollars administered through the center are available to all universities in Missouri. The center’s primary purpose is to sponsor and administer research projects on the state’s water, and related land-use environmental problems. Through these projects, training opportunities are provided for young men and women interested in careers in water and environmental resources.

Contact Information

Baolin Deng, Director

Karen Turner, Program Coordinator

E2509 Lafferre Hall