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Geospatial Intelligence Lab

Research Centers

Center for Geospatial Intelligence (CGI)

The Center for Geospatial Intelligence is led by Curt Davis, Naka Endowed Professor of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science. Since it’s inception in 2007, Davis and a large and diverse group of faculty and other researchers have conducted R&D for defense and intelligence agencies and related industries.

Fully 21 affiliated faculty from electrical engineering, computer engineering, computer science, geography, civil and environmental engineering and geological sciences have worked on equally diverse projects including satellite, airborne, and ground-based remote sensing; advanced geospatial data processing and production; automated feature extraction; target recognition; video processing and surveillance; pattern recognition; intelligent databases; information retrieval; human terrain modeling; change detection and the detection and characterization of underground structures.

The depth and breath of CGI’s personnel and it’s funded research have made it the leading academic research center in this country focused on critical geospatial intelligence for national security and military combat support. To date, the center’s awarded proposals total more than $30 million over the past 15 years.


Center for Eldercare and Rehabilitation Technology (CERT)
The Center for Eldercare and Rehabilitation Technology (CERT) is led by Marjorie Skubic, professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering.

Center for Nano/Micro Systems (CNMS)
The Center for Nano/Micro Systems (CNMS) is led by Shubhra Gangopadhyay, professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering.

Center for Computational Biology and Medicine (CCBM)
The Center for Computational Biology and Medicine (CCBM) is led by Professor Chi-Ren Shyu, who also is director of the MU Informatics Institute (MUII).

Center for Physical Electronics and Power Electronics
The Center forPhysical Electronics and Power Electronics is led by Associate Professor Randy D. Curry, in Electrical and Computer Engineering. The Center focuses on high-power electronic devices for defense, life sciences, environmental applications and alternative energy sources and storage.

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