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MU Materials Science and Engineering Institute (MU MSEI)

Opening: Spring 2022

The MU Materials Science and Engineering Institute (MU MSEI) will bring together interdisciplinary collaborators focused on material science and engineering research and education.

Mizzou Engineering researchers will work with faculty from the NextGen Precision Health electron microscopy core, chemistry, physics, biology and other sciences at Mizzou to investigate the design and application of high-performing materials through machine learning, atomistic simulations and other emerging technologies using cutting-edge facilities.

MU MSEI will foster collaboration in existing and new areas, including biomaterials, energy materials, quantum materials and materials-at-extremes. By uniting the sciences and engineering at Mizzou, the institute will create new opportunities for joint projects and funding proposals.

Additionally, affiliated faculty are expected to develop new interdisciplinary academic programs such as certificates and graduate degrees in material science and engineering to prepare students to work and research in these areas.

The institute will be co-led by Matt Maschmann, an associate professor of mechanical and aerospace engineering, and Tommy Sewell, professor of chemistry in the College of Arts and Science and an adjunct faculty member in the Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering. In the future, federal or other materials-related centers could fall under the umbrella of the institute.


The University of Missouri Materials Science and Engineering Institute was founded in 2021 to serve as the hub of multidisciplinary research in materials in the and College of Engineering and College of Arts and Sciences. The objective of the institute is to establish nationally recognized academic and research programs in Materials disciplines to respond to national areas of need and to expand the impact of the University of Missouri researchers. The institute hosts faculty from 10 academic departments and are affiliated with initiatives at the Bond Precision Health Institute, MU Research Reactor, and more. The Materials Characterization and Fabrication (MCF) facility was established in 2021 to provide cutting-edge resources the institute researchers and external partners.

MCF Facility

Materials Characterization and Fabrication (MCF) Facility

The MCF Facility is home to 27 instruments for use in materials science and engineering.

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