Research Facilities and Labs


Research Facilities & Labs

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Programs and Groups


Biological Engineering

  • Faculty Research Programs

Chemical Engineering

  • Signature Research Programs
    • Biomaterials and Bioprocessing Center

Civil & Environmental Engineering

  • Signature Research Programs
    • Institute for Interdisciplinary Geotechnics
    • Transportation Infrastructure Center
    • National Center for Explosion Resistant Design
    • Midwest Energy Efficiency Research Consortium
    • Missouri Water Resources Research Center
  • Faculty Research Programs

Electrical Engineering & Computer Science

  • College Research Centers
  • Signature Research Programs
    • Center for Computational Imaging and VisAnalysis
    • Center for Urban Safety
    • Center for High Assurance Computation
    • Center for Electromechanics and Energy Conversion
    • Center for Computational Neurobiology
  • Faculty Research Programs
    • Center for Cyber Security Research
    • Computer Graphics and Image Understanding Lab
    • Spoken Language and Information Processing Laboratory
    • Digital Biology Laboratory
    • Medical and Biological Digital Library Research Lab
    • Distributed Computing & Sensor Networks Research Laboratory
    • Multimedia Communications and Visualization Laboratory
    • Center for Electromagnetic Interactions Research and Applications
    • Gangopahyay Research Group
    • TigerSense: Machine Learning & Sensing Lab
    • Vision-Guided and Intelligent Robotics Lab

Industrial & Manufacturing Systems Engineering

  • Signature Research Programs
    • Healthcare Systems Engineering
    • Missouri Industrial Assessment Center

Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering

  • College Research Centers
    • Center for Thermal Management
  • Signature Research Programs
    • Center for Fluid Power Research
    • Center for Ultrashort, Ultraintense Lasers
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