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The Cyber Security Initiative at the University of Missouri

College of Engineering to Participate in Cyber Defense Research

Cyber security has become an interdisciplinary area of research for solving the challenges in defending against the increasing number of sophisticated cyber attacks. Cyber attacks everyday disrupt applications with very large user bases in e.g., media, manufacturing, healthcare and energy. MU College of Engineering researchers are at the forefront of Cyber Security related research and education, using novel cloud-based architecture and high assurance principles, tools and techniques.

The purpose of Cyber Security Initiative at the University of Missouri (CSI@MU) is to find innovative, interdisciplinary research solutions to national security problems and to pursue joint funding in support of this research.

  • Research: To develop our research efforts in information security and assurance and, in particular, to provide a catalyst for inter-disciplinary CD research at MU;
  • Visibility: To create a focal point for funding institutions highlighting our research capabilities and achievements;
  • Education: To focus, extend and improve our CD education. To develop CD coursework in areas not typically found in academic environments and to integrate cutting edge research with undergraduate education;
  • Collaboration: To foster interdisciplinary research collaboration within MU and, especially, to establish connections with US Federal laboratories, US DOD and Intelligence agencies, and industrial affiliates; and
  • • Dissemination: To prepare students for CD careers through coursework and research relevant to the critical national needs of the United States. To develop resources for scholarships and fellowships to attract and retain excellent students in CD.

Affiliated Faculty

CSI@MU is a multi-disciplinary research initiative, focused on all aspects of the information systems that have become an integral part of our daily lives. CSI@MU fellows include professors, researchers, and practitioners from a variety of different fields, backgrounds, disciplines, and interests.

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