Hacking COVID-19 Task Force

Our task force brings together talent and resources from Mizzou Engineering, MU Health Care, the MU campus and across the UM System to fight the COVID-19 pandemic by hacking it: improvising technological solutions that can be delivered and implemented quickly.

What We’re Doing

PAPR Shield & Disposable Lens Cuff

Powered air purifying respirators (PAPR) protect health care professionals when conducting procedures where large amounts of air-borne pathogens are produced. Identified as MU Health Care’s number one priority, these respirators include face shields with an attached chin cuff to help maintain positive air pressure.

Face Shields

Nursing homes are in urgent need of protective face shields. HACK COVID-19 task force members have worked with community partners to fabricate this important personal protective equipment.

N95 Mask Sterilization

N95 masks are respiratory protective devices typically designed for one-time use. To extend the lifespan of current supplies, the task force is working on an effective vaporous hydrogen peroxide-based cleaning system to allow for the sanitization and reuse of N95 masks.

Patient Tents & Intubation Shields

Patient tents and barriers support safe intubation of COVID-19-positive patients. Our task force has designed and fabricated barriers and small patient tents that are portable and can be easily sanitized.

Patient Rotation Devices

Rotation devices, once commonly used for patients with spine injuries, allow health care professionals to rotate patients. Our team has developed a device that that enables health care workers to safely rotate patients on standard patient beds.

Hand Sanitizer

Mass quantities of hand sanitizer are sometimes not available for purchase during this health crisis. That’s why the task force has developed its own Tiger Paw Hand Sanitizer for the UM System and local health care providers.

3D Printed COVID-19 Testing Swabs

Nasopharyngeal swabs are used to test for COVID-19 and are in short supply.  The team is preparing to 3D print swabs at a rate of ~1,000 per day using special SLA 3D printers.

Who We Are

The HACK COVID-19 Task Force is an interdisciplinary group organized through the University of Missouri College of Engineering. The executive committee — led by Kevin Gillis, interim chair of Mizzou Engineering’s Biomedical, Biological & Chemical Engineering department — helps prioritize needs and projects.

Working groups and leadership teams are comprised of faculty, staff, and students. Teams work together to identify, solve and address rapidly changing problems associated with the COVID-19 pandemic.

Our Charge:

We are here to mobilize UM and maker-community resources to help health care professionals fight the COVID-19 pandemic with rapidly deployable technology-based solutions.

Chair Kevin Gillis, College of Engineering, MU
Healthcare Needs Ted Choma, Orthopedic Surgery, MU Health Care
Solutions Identification and Validation Johannes Strobel, College of Education, MU
Applied Solutions Ferris Pfeiffer, College of Engineering, MU
Engineering Solutions Bill Jacoby, College of Engineering, MU
Communications Technology / IT Dong Xu, College of Engineering, MU
Fabrication Resources Brandon Guffey, Director of Administrative Operations and Faculty Success, College of Engineering, MU
Communications and Marketing Danene Brooks, Director of Marketing, College of Engineering, MU
Regulatory and Legal Jaya Ghosh, Director, Coulter Biomedical Accelerator and Lead Program Manager, Midwest Biomedical Accelerator Consortium, MU
Paul Maguffee, Counsel, UM System

In the News

The College of Engineering is dedicated to collaborating with Mizzou and UM System departments to meet people’s needs and develop solutions during this health crisis. The news stories below are just some of the ways we are supporting students, faculty, staff and the public.
For campus-wide news and related information on the COVID-19 situation, visit MU Alert’s webpage.

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