Research Pillars

Beginning in 2017, Mizzou Engineering embarked on a five-year strategic journey. As a world-class, globally renowned engineering leader, we continue to build upon our strengths in education, research and service. We have an excellent educational foundation and our incredible research is impacting the world through four pillars of pursuit: (1) Educating Engineering Leaders, (2) Big Data Analytics, (3) Biomedical Innovations, and (4) Sustainability InFEWSed (Food, Energy, Water, Smart Cities).

Our areas of strength have resulted in our upward trajectory in research productivity.  Our college has been instrumental in establishing interdisciplinary groups not just in COE but also throughout MU under our pillars.  By fueling passions and imaginations, stoking curiosity and challenging logic, we feed a quest for excellence and make achievements that change lives.

Educating Engineering Leaders

More than 50 College-sponsored student organizations provide unique leadership opportunities. Students have the opportunity to participate in undergraduate research, earning valuable experience very early in their academic careers.

Mizzou Engineering has three National Science Foundation Research Experiences for Undergraduates, an NSF Research Experience for Teachers and a National Institutes of Health T32 training grant. Dean’s Council for Teaching Excellence, comprised of some of the College’s top educators, provides counsel and best practice approaches in order to prepare our students for ever-changing technology in industry.

Big Data AnalyticsThe applications for Big Data Analytics seemingly are endless, and the capability to rapidly process massive chunks of data and make sense of the results will continue to be paramount. MU College of Engineering researchers are at the forefront of Big Data-related research, using cloud computing resources to produce results in a wide array of areas, including healthcare, disaster safety and relief, life sciences, pattern recognition, deep learning and more.

Biomedical Innovations PillarMU is home to the only biomedical engineering degree program at a public institution in the state.

The recently formed Biomedical, Biological and Chemical Engineering Department will break down the walls that inhibit collaboration, leading to potentially groundbreaking research results. In turn, these world-class projects benefit our students in terms of undergraduate and graduate research opportunities.

Sustainability inFEWSed – Food, Energy, Water, Smart Cities

Sustainability InFEWSedMU Engineering’s Sustainability inFEWSed mission focuses primarily on how the College can become a global leader in the areas of Food, Energy, Water and Smart Cities innovation. Its inFEWSed approach includes research and development in those areas that aim to create a greener, smarter and more renewable world for future generations. Research supported in this area includes food waste and cost efficiency, energy harvesting, reusability and conservation, investment in renewable energy, water quality and wastewater treatment and technological advances in city infrastructure.

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