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Educating Engineering Leaders

Educating Engineering Leaders

More than 50 College-sponsored student organizations provide unique leadership opportunities. Students have the opportunity to participate in undergraduate research, earning valuable experience very early in their academic careers.

Mizzou Engineering has three National Science Foundation Research Experiences for Undergraduates, an NSF Research Experience for Teachers and a National Institutes of Health T32 training grant. The Dean’s Council for Teaching Excellence, comprised of some of the College’s top educators, provides counsel and best-practice approaches in order to prepare our students for ever-changing technology in industry.

Engineering Leadership, Engagement and Career Development Academy

The Engineering Leadership, Engagement and Career Development Academy (Academy) was created in response to the College of Engineering’s strategic plan, which includes “Educating Engineering Leaders” as a major emphasis area. In addition, the College’s employer partners, when considering applicants for a position with their organization, often look specifically for students who have intentionally and purposefully dedicated time to developing their leadership skills.

Undergraduate Research Program

The College of Engineering encourages you to get involved with undergraduate research, which can be as early as your freshmen year; however, enrollment in the Undergraduate Research Program and Undergraduate Research Honors Program generally begins during your junior or senior year.  In addition to gaining marketable applied engineering skills, you’ll have the opportunity to work with research faculty and graduate students, make your own research contributions and attend and present at conferences.

K-12 Camp Opportunities

The college of engineering offers many opportunities for K-12 students to explore the world of engineering. Whatever the age of the student, whatever their interest, Mizzou Engineering has a camp experience available! Camp experiences range from a day of activities to a week-long event.

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