Undergraduate Honors Research Fellowship

The Undergraduate Honors Research Fellowship in the College of Engineering is designed to enhance undergraduate engineering students’ involvement in research with the expectation that they will be encouraged to pursue a graduate degree in engineering. Selected students will receive a $1,000 stipend per semester funded by the faculty mentor or department and the College of Engineering.


All engineering students with GPA above 3.0 are eligible to apply.


  • Applicants must fill out an online application form, include required attachment(s), and submit the application within the first two weeks of the semester in which honors research is to begin.
  • Applicants are competitively selected by the College of Engineering Honors Committee.
  • Selection criteria: GPA, quality of resume highlighting research experience and student organization involvement, interest in graduate studies, and a statement by faculty mentor. Juniors and seniors preferred but not required.
  • Must have a faculty mentor selected before applying.
  • Applicants must reapply each semester to continue participating in the Engineering Undergraduate Honors Research Fellowship program.

Program Requirements

  • Student must maintain a 3.0 overall GPA to remain in the program and to graduate as an Honors Scholar in Engineering.
  • Student must enroll in an honors research course in their department (for example MAE4995H) once (the first semester of fellowship receipt), and complete an Honors thesis/report at completion of the research project, if required by department.
  • The mentor must supply a 50% cost share for the stipend.
  • Student must present a poster at the Undergraduate Research and Creative Achievements Forum (held in spring and summer) or another engineering and/or scientific research poster event each semester while in the program.
  • Include motivation, goals, and objectives in 250 words or less
  • 1) Your resume should emphasize selection criteria, research experience and student organization involvement (two pages maximum) 2) The letter of support should come from your faculty mentor and be no longer than 250 words.
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