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User Facilities


User Facilities

Student working in research lab

3D Printing Lab 

The University of Missouri Rapid Prototyping Education and Application Network is focused on advancing the understanding, utilization and economic impact of 3D-printing technology in Missouri, fostering new product development and innovation with business and industry while providing experiential learning opportunities for engineering students. This technology opens doors to new product solutions.

Center for Nano and Microsystems

Initiated in 2006, the center was formed to create opportunities for research collaboration and to offer access to advanced fabrication and characterization equipment — a core facility was launched in 2009.

Missouri Water Research Center

The Missouri Water Resources Research Center was established in 1964 following the enactment of the National Water Resources Research Act. This act created a national network of 54 research centers which provide the nation with a coordinated effort to solve state, regional and national water problems. C.W. LaPierre Professor Baolin Deng, of the Civil and Environmental Engineering Department, is the director of the Water Resource Research Center.

MU Core Facilities

Our office works to ensure that the University’s research, graduate studies, and economic development missions are continually advanced by faculty and student discovery, innovation, entrepreneurship, and scholarship. The Research Division focuses on University’s research, instruction, and public service activities.

Machine Shop

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