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Center for Urban Safety

Center for Urban Safety

The goal of the Center for Urban Safety (CUS) is to conduct research on the creation of safe and sustainable environment-friendly urban cities. We will develop approaches that can prevent, detect and mitigate natural disasters such as earthquakes, flooding, tornado, hurricane, and human disasters such as environmental destruction, accidents and fire, terrorist attacks such as chemical, biological, radio, nuclear attacks.

  • Multidisciplinary research for the maintenance, planning and creation of safe, sustainable, and environment-friendly urban cities.
  • Software/hardware systems that can monitor, predict and mitigate impacts on urban systems caused by natural and man-made disasters such as earthquakes, flooding, tornadoes, landslides, man-made destruction, accidents, and terrorist attacks…
  • Software/hardware systems for structure damage inspection, integrity estimation, and real-time continuous monitoring of urban structures & infrastructures.
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