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Transportation Infrastructure Center

Transportation Infrastructure Center

The Transportation Infrastructure Center at the University of Missouri was established in 1999 under the leadership of the director, Charlie Nemmers.  The center is a hub for multi-disciplinary collaboration in Transportation Engineering research and education.  There are more than 25 faculty affiliated with the center that belong to several home departments including Civil and Environmental EngineeringIndustrial and Manufacturing Engineering, Agricultural Economics, Rural Sociology, Harry S. Truman School of Public Policy, Geography and Information Science and Learning Technologies.

Student Involvement

  • Undergraduate students will learn more about the transportation profession and about further educational opportunities as they work (at levels appropriate to their educational background) with faculty and graduate students on research projects.
  • Graduate students will receive financial support while they participate in transportation-related research projects and fulfill requirements for participation in transportation seminars, research report competitions and preparation of papers for refereed journals under the supervision of their faculty advisors.
  • Charles Nemmers, Director
  • John Bowders
  • Zhen Chen
  • Praveen Edara
  • Chris Fulcher
  • V.S. Gopalaratnam (Gopal)
  • Tim Haithcoat
  • Thomas Johnson
  • Sam Kiger
  • Cerry Klein
  • Thomas Kochtanek
  • Sherrie Koechling-Andrea
  • William Likos
  • Eric Loehr
  • Tim Matisziw
  • Anil Misra
  • James Noble
  • Ken Pigg
  • Jerry Richardson
  • Hani Salim
  • Carlos Sun, Associate Dir.
  • Kate Trauth
  • Mark Virkler
  • Facilitating conferences, e.g. Bridge Pre-Fabrication Conference, Missouri Annual Traffic Conference
  • Providing training on federal requirements, e.g. GASB#34, Federal Aid Training
  • Conducting workshops and short courses, e.g. bridge field testing and load rating, asset management
  • Sustaining transportation library
  • Performing multi-discipliniary research in areas related to transportation
  • Evaluating advanced work zone safety systems
  • Supporting corridor investment models
  • Assessing DOT management systems
  • Investigating innovative slope stabilization systems
  • Optimizing fleet logistics
  • Perfecting transit system routes
  • Studying river ports
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