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Australia's Sydney Opera House

Australia Semester Abroad

Through our partnership with the MU International Center & the Education Abroad Network (TEAN), the MU College of Engineering offers you the opportunity to study abroad in Australia at top universities for an entire fall or spring semester!

Australia is regularly ranked as one of the safest, most livable destinations in the world. With more than 500 national parks and 2700 conservations areas, you will have great things to do while you make progress towards your engineering degree.


Take core and elective engineering courses and other general education courses while being immersed in the richness and diversity of the Australian culture.

You will be required to take at least the equivalent of 12 US credit hours.

You can study at one of these Australian universities:


  • Sophomore +
  • GPA
    • Wollongong University (Wollongong) 2.7 GPA
    • Queensland University of Technology (Brisbane) 2.35 GPA
    • University of New South Wales (Sydney) 3.0 GPA

Language of Instruction



Apartment or residence hall

Program Dates

  • Wollongong University (Wollongong)- February 10- June 24, 2017
  • Queensland University of Technology (Brisbane) February 10- June 25, 2017
  • University of New South Wales (Sydney)- February 12- June 27, 2017

Program Costs

Consult the affiliate program website for a current budget.

Students on most MU-affiliated programs are billed for 13 MU credit hours for a semester (six for summer) according to the regular MU billing schedule. Regular MU tuition is paid directly to MU, and then is forwarded by the MU College of Engineering to the affiliated program sponsor on the student’s behalf.  Non-Missouri resident students are assessed non-resident tuition fees, which are not forwarded to the affiliated program. Students pay any costs beyond the MU educational fees directly to the affiliated program sponsor.

Financial Aid

Financial Aid packages are typically granted in the form of low-interest student loans that cover all trip related expenses (tuition, fees, accommodations, activities and personal expenses)

To be considered for aid, you must:

  • Be enrolled in a study abroad program
  • Complete your financial aid worksheet with your study abroad advisor
  • Take the sheet to Student Financial Aid in 11 Jesse Hall to meet with a financial aid advisor (no appointment necessary or an appointment can be made through MU Connect).

If you are awarded financial aid for study abroad, it will be applied to your MU account according to the regular financial aid disbursement schedule.

Reminder: You must be enrolled in study abroad and have completed the required financial aid forms for study abroad in order to be considered for aid.

Because non-resident tuition charges apply, MU students should be eligible to use non-resident scholarship towards the program costs.


You will need to obtain a student visa to enter Australia. Our staff will assist you with this process once you are admitted into the program.

 Application Process

  1. Make a study abroad advising appointment with Engineering Study Abroad via MU Connect.
  2. Complete a Course Proposal for Study Abroad.
  3. Complete your MU Financial Planning Worksheet.
  4. Choose one of our Australian university partners and complete your My Study Abroad Application. (Application deadline is February 15, 2017.)
    • Wollongong University (Wollongong) – Apply Now
    • Queensland University of Technology (Brisbane) – Apply Now
    • University of New South Wales (Sydney) – Apply Now
  5. Get ready for a lifetime adventure!
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