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IMSE capstone perfect cap to great academic careers

IMSE capstone perfect cap to great academic careers

For MU’s Industrial and Manufacturing Systems Engineering students, their final two semesters on campus are largely devoted to piecing together the skills they’ve acquired throughout their college experience. 

Dean Loboa announces four leadership appointments

Elizabeth Loboa, the dean of the College of Engineering, recently announced the appointment of three faculty members to new leadership positions — Sheila Grant, Hani Salim and Cerry Klein. Associate Dean Steve Devlin also will continue in his role.

Conference will discuss space policies of the future

Marc Canellas has always wanted to be an astronaut. His interest in space policy led Canellas, now a senior in mechanical and aerospace engineering, to a summer spent studying the policies of human space travel as part of the Washington Internships for Students of Engineering (WISE) program. His experience at WISE inspired the idea of […]

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