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Researchers embark on quest to find durable, cost-efficient soy-based material

Efforts to identify greener, more cost-efficient materials to make the polyurethanes used to create foams and plastics has resulted in an expanded use of soybeans and soybean oils. The United Soybean Board (USB) has jumped on the bandwagon, funding research projects across the country that develop the industrial use of soybeans. In particular, they have […]

MU Engineering online learning offerings are on the rise

An entire November 2011 edition of “The Chronicle of Higher Education” was dedicated to varying viewpoints on the role and status of online learning in colleges. A Pew Research Center survey accompanying the thoughtful scrutiny of a variety of issues indicates that 48 percent of college presidents do not believe a course taken online provides […]

Research shows new battery to have reduced costs, charge times

Galen Suppes, J.C. Dowell Professor in chemical engineering, has developed and demonstrated a new “convection battery” that is a giant step toward allowing electric vehicles to replace those dependent on petroleum. The battery uses a pump, similar to a radiator pump in an automobile, to increase power output of batteries. “Improved battery technology is the single […]

Chemical engineering paper receives ‘Most Cited Author’ award

Story by: Jashin Lin In 2004, Galen Suppes, chemical engineering professor at the University of Missouri, and his team published a paper in Applied Catalysis A, a prominent chemistry journal. The paper’s title, “Transesterification of soybean oil with zeolite and metal catalysts”, might not be a phrase to set one’s imagination on fire, but the […]

Chemical engineering adds a student lounge

An MU College of Engineering renovation project that began with the razing of the high bay portion of Lafferre Hall in early in 2008 is nearing completion, with dedication slated for early November. The reconstruction, which will add upgraded classrooms, labs and student commons, is not the only new student-centric space being added within Mizzou […]

MU Researchers collaborate with company to take green technology on the road

MU Researchers collaborate with company to take green technology on the road

Ground corncobs, a plentiful agricultural by-product in Missouri and surrounding Corn Belt states, are the main ingredient in a new technology that may soon power natural-gas-powered vehicles on the country’s highways. The technology vital to making this a reality was developed by Peter Pfeifer, professor and chair of the MU Department of Physics, and Galen […]

CoE associate professor wins elite Environmental Protection Agency award

CoE Associate Professor Galen Suppes received an elite Environmental Protection Agency award today for his development of an environmentally friendly antifreeze. Suppes, an MU associate professor of chemical engineering, is the academic winner of this year’s Presidential Green Chemistry Challenge Award, which recognizes innovative pollution-preventing chemical technologies. A panel of technical experts selected Suppes for […]

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