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Speeding things up with laser precision

Speeding things up with laser precision

Imagine being able to do any task 69 times faster and the possibilities that would open for an individual or a company. Now imagine that speed being applied to manufacturing all manner of electronics and how it might lead to greater supply and lower costs for consumers.

Laser focus

Laser focus

What Vitaly Gruzdev hopes to prove in the near future is that laser technology can modify molecules in a similar way to current chemically-based methods.

MU laser lab receives funding for back-to-the-basics research approach

MU’s femtosecond laser, one of three lasers in the laser lab, generates ultrashort pulses of light that can cut almost anything, including glass and diamond. According to Associate Research Professor Vitaly Gruzdev, the quality of the cut is “almost perfect.”

MU students selected to present research in nation’s capitol

Christine O’Brien’s research has a wow factor. “We detect cancer with lasers,” she said. “How cool is that?” Cool enough that she was selected to present her work as part of “Posters on the Hill” in Washington, D.C. O’Brien, a senior biological engineering major, and Kyle Ervin, a civil engineering major, were the only two […]

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