Tiger TrECC

The goal of the Tiger TrECC program is to grow a diverse technical workforce in Missouri to support the state’s industrial base and promote future economic growth.  The program seeks to increase access to the college of engineering for community college students, increase opportunities for disadvantaged and underrepresented groups, and promote industrial collaborations.

The TrECC program seeks to engage students planning to attend community college on a path to earning an engineering degree from MU.  The program can improve the affordability of obtaining a four-year engineering degree through economic assistance and engagement with industrial collaborators.  Students participating in the program have the opportunity to work with future employers while pursuing an engineering degree through summer internships and other interactions throughout their college careers.


Community Colleges offer an affordable option for higher education. Many community colleges are located in local communities throughout Missouri, often allowing students the opportunity to pursue higher education while living at home.  The Tiger TrECC program offers the student the chance to enter a path to a four-year engineering degree by starting their academic careers at their local community college.  The students can take courses within an established agreement between the community college and MU that identifies coursework that can be transferred for credit toward an engineering degree.  Some key fundamental engineering courses are also available on-line such that students can get started on the path to an engineering degree during their first two years in the program.  Following two years at their local community college, students transfer to MU to complete their engineering degree.


High school seniors and first-semester community college students are eligible to participate in the program.

The TrECC program is designed to assist CC student in pursuing an MU engineering degree.  Available resources include

  • Missouri Land grant:  Students that are eligible for a Pell Grant from the federal government will receive free tuition and fees at MU as part of the land grant program.
  • TrECC scholarships to support:
    • Tuition assistance for on-line courses taken prior to moving to MU
    • Costs of attendance at MU (living expenses, books, and other fees)
  • Paid summer internships: Gain valuable professional experience, and learn more about the field of engineering, and earn money through summer internships with industrial sponsors.

Students participating in the TrECC program must maintain a 3.0 GPA to remain eligible.

  • Access to MU engineering degree beginning at a community college near their home
  • Paid summer internships opportunities to gain valuable experience, learn about the field of engineering, and earn money
  • Engagement with future employers
  • Scholarship opportunities
  • Opportunity to identify and engage top students as future employees
  • Develop future leaders in the field of engineering
  • Take a proactive role in developing a diverse, technologically trained workforce in Missouri
  • Serve local communities but providing a path to engineering education for disadvantage groups

A student enters a community college that has either a co-enrollment or articulation agreement with MU.  The student applies to the MU College of Engineering TrECC program to be on a 2 + 2 path with two years at the community college and at least 2 years at MU to complete their engineering degree.  Industrial sponsors provide a paid summer internship for the student that will provide summer employment during the time the student is enrolled in the program.  A post-degree employment agreement may be required by the industrial sponsor, which typically consist of agreeing to become an employee following graduation, and remain with the company for at least two years.

During the first two years of the program, the TrECC student attends community college and enrolls in courses that can be transferred toward an engineering degree at MU.  Student may also take On-line courses from MU during the first two years of engagement with the TrECC program.  Following completion of two years at their local community college, students transfer to MU College of Engineering to pursue the engineering major of their choice.

The Tiger TrECC program seeks to identify outstanding students with a high potential for success in earning an engineering degree from MU.  The industrially- sponsored program seeks the best students, and selection to the program is competitive.  In-person interviews with faculty and industrial sponsors may be required.

Tiger TrECC Goals:

  • Grow a diverse technical workforce to meet the future needs of employers
  • Improve access to an MU engineering degree
  • Increase opportunities for disadvantaged and underrepresented groups
  • Promote industrial collaboration for developing the future workforce

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