Engineering is in everything!

Mizzou’s Museum of Engineering (ZOUME) is a one-of-a-kind museum that showcases the reality that engineering is in everything. From enabling life-sustaining necessities such as drinking water to facilitating life-enriching devices such as smart phones, engineers improve every aspect of our daily lives.

ZOUME seeks to:

  • Utilize interactive exhibits to attract the next generation of engineers
  • Showcase student teams, faculty researchers, and industry partners
  • Help retain female and other underrepresented students in pursuing engineering
  • Reveal the tremendous value the College of Engineering brings to Missouri and its citizens

Examples of Existing and Upcoming Exhibits:

  • The Boeing J85-5N jet engine
  • Can concrete float? The making of a concrete canoe
  • College of Engineering buttons collection
  • Electronic drumming – music to parents’ ears
  • Engineering week tradition – mischief involving engineering and agriculture
  • From pickups to distortion – how engineers make you tap your feet
  • Function and aesthetics – timber bridge design
  • Graded hammer action – engineering realistic resistance
  • Heritage – the history of the oldest college of engineering west of the Mississippi
  • Hidden figures – African-American women behind the space race
  • History of engineering week
  • Infrared thermography and non-destructive examination of structures
  • Innovative geometric designs and the diverging diamond interchange
  • Instruments of old – slide rules and transits
  • The making of a hydrogen car
  • More than meets the eye – engineering a modern city
  • NASA space shuttle reverse thrusters
  • The New Madrid Fault and earthquake engineering
  • Steel bridges and trusses
  • St. Patrick, the patron saint of engineers
  • Three-dimensional printing
  • Women in engineering

Plan your visit!

ZOUME is housed inside Lafferre Hall on the campus of the University of Missouri. The main entrance is located at the intersection of 6th Street and Stewart Road. ZOUME is free and open to the public whenever the building is open, typically 8 am to 6 pm, Monday to Sunday.

If you need a snack while visiting, please stop by the Potential Energy Café in Lafferre Hall near the east entrance on the Francis Quadrangle side.

When you visit, please respect the fact that Lafferre Hall is home to students, staff, and faculty who are studying and conducting research throughout the day.

For information on parking please visit

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