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The Department of Computer Science is one of 9 academic departments within the College of Engineering at the University of Missouri.

The ABET accredited Computer Science program currently has more than 350 undergraduate students, and the department is home to more than 150 Information Technology (IT) students and 19 tenured or tenure track faculty.



With foundations covered in algorithms, compilers, computational theories, database, networking, operating systems, programming languages and software engineering, the undergraduate and graduate programs are integrated over many application areas such as

  • cyber-security
  • multimedia
  • smartphone applications
  • filming
  • mobile and sensor networks
  • information management systems
  • bioinformatics and computational biology
  • medical informatics


This department is the hub of all campus computer science activities that involve well established research programs in

  • bioinformatics and computational biology
  • graphics and image processing
  • geospatial information mining and retrieval
  • cyber-security
  • multimedia communications and networking
  • ambient intelligence and sensor networks
  • mobile and distributed computing
  • spoken language processing and human-machine interfaces, etc.

Additionally, members of the department lead the University’s institutional efforts in developing infrastructure for bioinformatics, computational biology and high-performance computing and networking

An Interdisciplinary Approach

Mizzou’s large campus gives engineering faculty and students the opportunity to work with people from a diverse range of disciplines.

Being minutes away from the School of Journalism, the Division of Plant Sciences  and the Film Studies program for example, provides endless opportunities for collaborative research and fascinating projects.

This interdisciplinary approach is reflected in engineering classrooms, and through undergraduate research and student teams and organizations, students learn the importance of communicating across disciplines, a valuable skill they can take with them as they begin careers.

Interdisciplinary Projects in the News