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You can find engineering in everything — the food you eat, the roads you drive on, the water you drink, the electronic devices you use, the medicine and medical devices that keep you healthy and so much more. Engineers innovate and impact the world in a way few other professions can. At the University of Missouri College of Engineering, world-class faculty conduct cutting-edge research and train not just future engineers, but engineers ready to shape their world for the better the day they graduate.

Here at Mizzou Engineering, we are the college of choice in our four pillars of pursuit — Educating Engineering Leaders, Big Data Analytics, Biomedical Innovations, and Sustainability inFEWSed (Food, Energy, Water, Smart Cities). And it is through these four pillars that we work each and every day to make an impact on the world around us.

Engineering is the path of study to solve real-world problems. Engineers have the unique opportunity to change people’s lives, our world, for the better each and every day. The more advanced our planet becomes, the more advanced our problems become. Tomorrow’s concerns will be kinds of problems we cannot fathom today, and engineers who can adapt to address those problems will be in high demand.
Our nation and our world need innovative minds to translate ideas into tangible improvements, to work collaboratively to come up with the next great discovery, to accomplish the difficult tasks. Engineers have the capability to change our communities, our countries, our world for the better. At Mizzou, we prepare engineers for that exact journey.

We build not just engineers, but engineering leaders here at Mizzou, as evidenced by the nearly 500 Mizzou Engineering alumni currently serving as presidents or CEOs of companies worldwide. Many of them fostered their leadership skills through involvement with our more than 50 student organizations. With Mizzou Engineering, you have the opportunity to not only grow as engineers but as well-rounded professionals ready to take the lead into a new generation.

Sound like the kind of place where you can succeed? Are you ready to get in?

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