Featured Research Centers

Center for Geospatial Intelligence (CGI)

The Center for Geospatial Intelligence is led by Curt Davis, Naka Endowed Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering. Since it’s inception in 2007, Davis and a large and diverse group of faculty and other researchers have conducted R&D for defense and intelligence agencies and related industries.

Center for Cyber Education and Research Infrastructure (Mizzou CERI)

The Cyber Education and Research Initiative (CERI) at Mizzou, led by Greg L. Gilliom Professor of Cyber Security Prasad Calyam, fosters advanced cyberinfrastructure innovations to benefit our research and education communities. Our mission? To serve as a multi-university, multi-disciplinary center in areas relating to Big Data Analytics and to foster information technology innovations. Through this, we will further elevate the university’s position as an AAU Research 1 institution.

Missouri Center for Transportation Innovation (MCTI)

We don’t just improve Missouri infrastructure – we transform it. Transportation research shouldn’t end at just ideas — its effects should be seen in our roads and structures. That’s the vision of the Missouri Center for Transportation Innovation (MCTI) – to drive transportation research forward and turn that research into real-world results. Better infrastructure means safer roads, a more connected community and a robust economy. MCTI was founded by Glen Barton Chair in Flexible Pavement Technology Bill Buttlar.