Centers and Signature Programs

Center for Excellence in Logistics and Distribution (CELDi)

The Center for Excellence in Logistics and Distribution (CELDi) is a graduated National Science Foundation I/UCRC that provides innovative solutions for partner organizations. CELDi is a research and education consortium consisting of six research universities and 20 member organizations. The center enables its industry partners to achieve logistics and distribution excellence by solving real problems to maximize profitability.

Center to Stream Healthcare In Place

Mizzou is part of the Center to Stream Healthcare In Place, a National Science Foundation I/UCRC. At Mizzou, the focus is to support older adults and to help them lead healthier and more independent lives. Through the center, researchers develop new Care in Place technologies for decentralized healthcare, driven by actual clinical needs, and evaluate them in realistic settings. With the C2SHIP industry partners, effective technologies are translated to commercialization to serve those in need. The C2SHIP center at MU leverages research at the former Center for Eldercare Rehabilitation and Technology.

Cybersecurity Center at Mizzou

The Cybersecurity Center at Mizzou focuses on interdisciplinary research and educational approaches to national security problems. The center brings together affiliated faculty from engineering, information technology, business, law, medicine social sciences and mathematics.

Midwest Industrial Assessment Center (IAC)

The Midwest Industrial Assessment Center (IAC) helps small to midsized manufacturers in Missouri and Kansas improve energy efficiency and waste reduction in their manufacturing operations. IAC Faculty and student interns from the center provide no-cost energy, productivity and waste assessments for clients from a variety of industries, including municipal wastewater treatment plants. Additionally, the Center trains the next generation of energy engineers and provides outreach to the industrial sector.

Multiphysics Energy Research Center (MERC)

The MU Multiphysics Energy Research Center (MERC) aims to advance multi-physics energy research to become a national center and leader in the field of multiphysics energy. MERC leverages the unique research strengths at the University of Missouri to foster collaboration around building energy, solar energy and electric vehicles for applications such as advanced hydrogen and fuel cell technologies, technologies to increase building energy efficiency, photovoltaics and concentrating solar-thermal power and long-duration energy storage technologies.

Neural Engineering Laboratory

The Neural Engineering Laboratory collaborates with neuroscientists to explore the functioning of neurons and networks, using both invertebrate and vertebrate model systems. Based at the University of Missouri, neuroscience collaborators include faculty from MU and other institutions.