Multiphysics Energy Research Center (MERC)

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The MU Multiphysics Energy Research Center (MERC) aims to advance multi-physics energy research to become a national center and leader in the field of multiphysics energy.

MERC leverages the unique research strengths at the University of Missouri to foster collaboration around building energy, solar energy and electric vehicles for applications such as advanced hydrogen and fuel cell technologies, technologies to increase building energy efficiency, photovoltaics and concentrating solar-thermal power and long-duration energy storage technologies.

MERC faculty from mechanical and aerospace engineering and biomedical, biological and chemical engineering bring together expertise in surface science, plasma technology, energy storage systems, energy efficiency, advanced materials, power composites for energy systems, nuclear energy and thermal management of power systems. The center will help develop and apply multiphysics energy within various disciplines, including machine learning and materials.

Contact Information:

Hongbin “Bill” Ma
Chair, Curators’ Distinguished Professor, Glen A. Barton Professor
E2412A Lafferre Hall