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You can find engineering in everything — the food you eat, the roads you drive on, the water you drink, the electronic devices you use, the medicine and medical devices that keep you healthy and so much more. Engineers innovate and impact the world in a way few other professions can. At the University of Missouri College of Engineering, world-class faculty conduct cutting-edge research and train not just future engineers, but engineers ready to shape their world for the better the day they graduate.

Engineering is the path of study to solve real-world problems. Engineers have the unique opportunity to change people’s lives, our world, for the better each and every day. The more advanced our planet becomes, the more advanced our problems become. Tomorrow’s concerns will be kinds of problems we cannot fathom today, and engineers who can adapt to address those problems will be in high demand.
Our nation and our world need innovative minds to translate ideas into tangible improvements, to work collaboratively to come up with the next great discovery, to accomplish the difficult tasks. Engineers have the capability to change our communities, our countries, our world for the better. At Mizzou, we prepare engineers for that exact journey.

One spark within the mind can define a new tomorrow.

At the University of Missouri College of Engineering, we believe that with every innovation we make and every new development we bring to light, we do more than solve the problems of today. Here, we ready the leaders who will blaze forward with a revolution that defines the world for tomorrow.

Established in 1849, the University of Missouri College of Engineering’s excellence includes nine disciplines, 113 faculty members, nearly 3,000 of the brightest undergraduates on campus and nearly 600 exceptional graduate students at the flagship campus of the UM System. With eight ABET-accredited programs, the College aims to educate the next generation of engineering leaders and drive the charge in research and education in several multi-disciplinary fields, including Big Data Analytics, Biomedical Innovations and Sustainability inFEWSed (Food, Energy, Water, Smart Cities). The College also includes two federally-funded research centers and more than 30 signature research programs and labs.

At Mizzou Engineering, collaboration, creativity and research surge together. Where others may see problems, disease and inefficiencies, we see opportunities, potential and infinite possibilities. We teach, we learn, and we analyze — and we demand innovation, inclusion and integrity as we create smarter, safer, more efficient ways of living.

At Mizzou, we see the world through a lens of responsibility and inspiration, grounded and lifted by the knowledge that we have the power to make life better.

By fueling passions and imaginations, stoking curiosity and challenging logic, we feed a quest for excellence and make achievements that change lives.

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