Faculty Research Resources

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Get Started Submitting a Grant

First: Take 60 seconds to let Engineering Research Administration (ERA) know you plan to submit a proposal:

Second: At least 30 business days before sponsor deadline, provide the key info required for ERA to start your proposal:

  • Proposal Intake Form
    This form will ask you easy-to-answer questions. You will need little to no prep to complete this form. ERA can do most of the administrative pieces of your proposal. Complete at least 30 business days before sponsor deadline.

F&A and F&A Return

Discretionary Funds (DF) Explained

  • REQUEST Re-assessment of your DF Threshold HERE.
  • Discretionary Funds (DF) Threshold Calculation is explained HERE

Salary Action & Salary Savings

  • Academic Year Salary Action REQUEST HERE.
  • Salary Savings explanation HERE.
  • Summer Salary Action REQUEST HERE

Strategic Investment Request

  • Request a one-time investment in research equipment from the Dean’s office HERE.

    Research Incentive Funds Request

    • Request incentive funds to support large or resubmitted proposals, sponsor or collaborator travel, symposia, publication fees or MU website development HERE.

      3-Year Funding Plan Worksheet for a PI's Lab

      This worksheet helps PIs plan support for lab personnel, track who is working on which project and identify gaps.