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Get Started Submitting a Grant

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  • Notice of Intent Form – Complete ≥ 30 business days before sponsor deadline or your target submission date.
  • Deadlines for submission process here.
  • Proposal Intake Form – Do this ASAP after you submit the Notice of Intent Form.

F&A and F&A Return

Discretionary Funds (DF) Explained

  • REQUEST Re-assessment of your DF Threshold HERE.
  • Discretionary Funds (DF) Threshold Calculation is explained HERE

Salary Action & Salary Recovery

  • Academic Year Salary Action REQUEST HERE.
  • Salary Recovery explanation HERE.
  • Summer Salary Action REQUEST HERE
  • Summer Salary Explanation HERE

Strategic Investment Request

  • Request a one-time investment in research equipment from the Dean’s office HERE.

    Research Incentive Funds Request

    • Request incentive funds to support large or resubmitted proposals, sponsor or collaborator travel, symposia, publication fees or MU website development HERE.

      3-Year Funding Plan Worksheet for a PI's Lab

      This worksheet helps PIs plan support for lab personnel, track who is working on which project and identify gaps.