Graduate Aid

Earning an advanced degree provides tremendous opportunities to conduct research, gain teaching experience and network with professional partners, all while gaining skills and knowledge to work in academia, with leading companies and at national labs.  Apply through the MU Graduate School.

Graduate Fellowships

Competitive fellowships such as grants, scholarships and other funding opportunities are available to graduate students.

The College of Engineering offers several Fellowships in addition to national and international opportunities, including the National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellowship.

College of Engineering Fellowships

Fellowships by Department
  • Robert Holtsmith Graduate Student Scholarship Fund for Chemical Engineering
  • George Kurfin Graduate Fellowship in Environmental Engineering
  • EECS Department Fellowship with tuition waiver
  • ISE GAANN Fellowship
  • Sharon L. Langenbeck, PhD Endowed Fellowship in Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering
  • Joseph and Betty Hogan Graduate Fellowship in Electrical Engineering
  • Professor Jon M. Meese, PhD / AOI Endowed Fellowship in Electrical Engineering or Bioengineering
  • Ornburn Family Engineering Graduate Scholarship – Civil and Environmental Engineering
  • John C. Korngay, PhD Scholarship in Mechanical Engineering (veterans / ROTC)


Graduate Research Assistantships allow you to earn money while working in a lab. Graduate Teaching Assistantships allow you to earn money for teaching.

Doctoral Degrees and Contacts

Campus Resources

The Office of Financial Aid connects students and family with financial aid.

The Office of Cashiers manages billing, collection, cashiering services, refund processing and institutional student loans. View current tuition and fees here.

The Fellowships and Advanced Studies office works with students to find competitive grants, scholarships and other opportunities to fund study, research or teaching in the U.S. or abroad.

Graduate Aid Contact Information

Molly Horn

Campus Location

W1025 Lafferre Hall

Office Hours

Monday – Friday
8 a.m. – 5 p.m.