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Maria Fidalgo

Maria Fidalgo

Associate Professor, Director of Graduate Studies

E2509F Lafferre Hall

Phone: 573-884-6777


CEE - Director | Civil and Environmental Engineering


Maria Fidalgo is an associate professor in the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering. Her research area is water quality and treatment, with emphasis in developing new materials and processes for advanced treatment. Current research projects include the use nanoparticles and/or nanostructured materials for the chemical degradation of pharmaceuticals, membrane filtration, adsorption and the fabrication of molecularly imprinted optical sensors for detection of emerging water contaminants. Her interests also include fate, transport and toxicity of nanomaterials in the environment and sustainability. Fidalgo has received funding from the Environmental Protection Agency, the US Geological Survey, the Bureau of Reclamation and the National Science Foundation.


PhD from Rice University
MS from Rice University
BS from Instituto Tecnologico de Buenos Aires

Technical Focus

Materials for water treatment

Membrane processes

Nanotechnology and the environment

Sensors for water quality monitoring