Welcome to Engineering Research at Mizzou!

One spark within the mind can define a new tomorrow. At the University of Missouri College of Engineering, we believe that with every innovation we make and every new development we bring to light, we do more than solve the problems of today. Here, we ready the leaders who will blaze forward with a revolution that defines the world for tomorrow.

At Mizzou Engineering, collaboration, creativity and research surge together. Where others may see problems, disease and inefficiencies, we see opportunities, potential and infinite possibilities. We teach, we learn, and we analyze — and we foster an environment of innovation, inclusion and integrity as we create smarter, safer, more efficient ways of living.

At Mizzou, we see the world through a lens of responsibility and inspiration, grounded and lifted by the knowledge that we have the power to make life better.

From one spark, everything is interconnected. From one spark, we hold the future in our hands.

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