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Mizzou CERI

Welcome to the CERI Center at Mizzou

Mizzou CERI Center leads the University of Missouri to tackle scientific and engineering challenges in cyber innovations that benefit our society.

Through our commitment to education, research and infrastructure, we support and enhance interdisciplinary efforts pertaining to areas including:
  • Big data analytics in precision medicine
  • Geo-spatial video analytics
  • Cyber security
  • Special education
  • Public safety 
  • Agriculture

About CERI

Mizzou CERI Center Mission

To serve as a multi-university, multi-disciplinary center in areas relating to Cyber, Artificial Intelligence and Big Data Analytics to foster information technology innovations.

Mizzou CERI Center Scope
  • Manage the research computing program by focusing on developing applications necessary to perform cutting-edge research and innovations that will span multiple disciplines
  • Lead initiatives to pursue major funding related to research computing
  • Work with campus, industry and UM System to build cutting-edge cyber infrastructure and help coordinate submission of large research proposals to acquire such infrastructure
  • Promote curriculum development and workshops for broader understanding and usage of cyber infrastructure within the college and across campus

Mizzou Ceri Center

We were formed in 2019 with support from a highly competitive 2019 UM System Tier 1 grant and Mizzou Engineering. The center builds on research strengths and serves to meet cyber needs across the UM System and its peer institutions, as well as the funding priorities of industries and federal agencies.

Mizzou CERI Center has dedicated office space in W2003 Lafferre Hall, and has partnerships with several units across the MU campus including:

  • College of Engineering
  • Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science
  • College of Business
  • School of Medicine
  • Bond Life Sciences Center
  • MU Informatics and Data Science Institute
  • Information Technology Program
  • Center for Eldercare & Rehabilitation Technology
  • VIMAN Lab
  • CIVA Lab
  • Division of Information Technology

Mizzou CERI Center Focus Areas/Stakeholders

Cyber Infrastructure
Community for cloud computing, networking, storage in research and education

Cyber Vision
Community for research and education in AR/VR, IoT, computer vision, imaging

Cyber Intelligence
Community for research and education in artificial intelligence, machine learning

Cyber Security
Community for research and education in cyber defense, privacy, usability, policy

Cyber Training
Community for hands-on training of cyber infrastructures, tools and technologies

Mizzou CERI Center Facilities

Cyber Infrastructure Engineers Office Space
For Cloud Engineers, Network and System Admin, Data Center Engineers

Cyber Instrument Sandbox Rack/Physical Space
Rack space and pods to setup high-speed network, compute & storage sandboxes

Collaboration Office Spaces for Faculty, Students
Co-locate your interdisciplinary team to work with cyber experts, industry

Meeting and Training Room
Organize meetings and training sessions in a room with technology, white boards

Industry Engagement and Outreach
Office space for industry collaborations in cyber involving multiple divisions of MU

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