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Welcome to the CERI Center at Mizzou

The Center for Cyber Education, Research and Infrastructure (CERI Center), supported by a highly competitive UM System Tier 1 grant and the MU College of Engineering, aims to foster advanced cyberinfrastructure innovations to benefit our research and education communities. The center is guided by an existing seed investment (serving as a cost-share commitment for the proposed project duration) of “Cyber Education and Research Initiative” (CERI) at the MU College of Engineering that builds on research strengths and a survey of cyber needs across the UM System/peer universities, and funding priorities of industry/federal agencies. The mission of the center is to be a multi-university, multi-disciplinary initiative at MU in the areas relating to Big Data Analytics to foster Information Technology innovations and further elevate the university’s position as an AAU Research 1 institution. 

The objectives of the center are to: 

  1. Develop start-up capability that can build/maintain a community cyberinfrastructure instrument (hardware/software) for supporting “smart” big data analytics center grants in cyber vision, cyber intelligence, cyber security and cyber infrastructure; 
  2. Support expert facilitator personnel team (i.e., with CI Engineer, Cloud Architect, Network Engineer, Systems Engineer, Security Engineer roles) to establish extensible/scalable application testbed user services with reuse/repurpose templates; the templates will be necessary to perform repeatable cutting-edge cyber research and education that will span multiple disciplines across the UM system; 
  3. Create curriculum development and tools for training and outreach for broader usage of the community CI across the UM System and foster sustainability of the investment;
  4. Engage industry and external university partners around research centers and large-scale learning platforms with advanced cyberinfrastructure needs across the UM System.

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