Mizzou CERI Center Scope

  • Manage the research computing program by focusing on developing applications necessary to perform cutting-edge research and innovations that will span multiple disciplines
  • Lead initiatives to pursue major funding related to research computing
  • Work with campus, industry and UM System to build cutting-edge cyber infrastructure and help coordinate submission of large research proposals to acquire such infrastructure
  • Promote curriculum development and workshops for broader understanding and usage of cyber infrastructure within the college and across campus

Engage With CERI

  • Do you need computing, networking, storage for Big Data research and education?
    Get access to computing resources
  • Do you have questions and need expert guidance (e.g., in data science, software engineering, cloud architecture, cyber security) on your cyber project in health care, material science, bioinformatics, neuroscience, agriculture, smart city, etc.?
    Get access to Cyber infrastructure experts
  • Do you want an experimentation sandbox for your AR/VR or cyber security project?
    Get access to cyber testbed sandboxes
  • Do you want help in using cloud computing at MU or at a public cloud (e.g., AWS, Google Cloud Engine, CyVerse, CloudLab, Neuroscience Gateway, Jetstream, etc.)?
    Get access to cyber training

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