CERI Outreach and Events


Cognitive Internet of Things – Industry Supported Consortium

The goal of this Cognitive Internet of Things (CIoT) consortium is to work with industries of both IoT hardware and software solution providers and users to explore recent advances and disseminate state-of-the-art research conducted in MU. CIoT focus will include designing, building, and securing novel cognitive computing, services and technologies, to enable smart IoT applications related to: smart healthcare, manufacturing, transportation, and smart buildings.

The CIoT has engaged over 20 industry partners to establish new relations (MOUs), facilitate visits, expert consulting interactions and recruit students and potentially partner on research funding proposals. These efforts recently led to a NSF-funded Mizzou CAVE project, which is supporting immersive virtual reality applications research and development efforts. More information about the Mizzou CAVE project can be found here.

Inquiries relating to CIoT-ISC can be directed to Prof. Ye Duan, Director and Prof. Prasad Calyam, Co-Director.

MASTER: Missouri Advanced Security Training, Education and Research

With a commitment to student success, CSI@MU faculty successfully mentor several doctoral, master’s and post-doctoral students. Prior students have joined cybersecurity careers in industry and academia, and have published in highly selective cybersecurity journals. Cybersecurity Center faculty lead a Scholarship for Service (SFS) project titled “MASTER: Missouri Advanced Security Training, Education and Research” sponsored by National Science Foundation that funds MS and PhD students specialized in cybersecurity. The scholarship recipients go on to serve at a federal agency or national lab upon their graduation.

Mizzou Computing Association (MCA)

Cybersecurity Center faculty mentor student teams that have competed and won multiple cyber challenges at the state and national levels in collaboration with members of the Mizzou Computing Association (MCA). A student group finished in the top 2% in a MITRE organized cyber challenge competition in 2019.  Another student group came 2nd place in the SEC Academic Conference cyber challenge sponsored by Equifax in 2018.  Additional student engagement activities on cybersecurity are being organized by working with MU Central IT Group, MCA and the Information Technology Program at MU to attract students to engage in future student-led cyber challenge training and competing activities.

Midwest Verification Days

Cybersecurity Center faculty recently organized the NSF-funded workshop, Midwest Verification Day(s), at the University of Missouri, Columbia.  Midwest Verification Day(s), is a workshop for the Midwest region focusing on hardware and software verification.  The workshop provides a forum for students and early  career researchers to present early stages of their research in an informal setting enabling exchange of ideas. The workshop aims to encourage collaboration and strengthen the formal methods and verification community in the Midwest region.

Industrial Assessment Center (IAC)

Cybersecurity Center faculty are involved in the US Department of Energy’s Industrial Assessment Center (IAC)  project  to  “Assist  Small  and  Medium-sized  Enterprises  to  increase their  Energy  Efficiency,  Cyber  Security  and  Competitiveness”.   As  part  of  the  IAC  activities,  workshops  are  organized  on  the topic of “Cybersecurity in the Manufacturing Enterprise” to train students and  industry  partners  (e.g.,  utility  companies,  manufacturing  companies) regarding cyber security best practices, risk assessment and technology solutions for cyber defense.

Network Forensics of HackerTrackeres

Cybersecurity Center faculty organize and serve as mentors for the Summers@Mizzou ‘Network  Forensics for HackerTrackers’ camp, at the University of Missouri, Columbia for the last several years. This camp focuses on teaching high school students principles of cybersecurity, and provides them with hands-on experience in working with cloud computing and network forensics. The students complete the camp with a group project to learn and apply cyber defense research concepts through a rigorous exchange of ideas and collaborative work. The camp aims to influence high school students to choose studies in computer science and get excited about pursuing a cyber security profession to increase the pipeline of high school students pursuing related careers in the Midwest region.


Mizzou Cloud & DevOps Hands-On Training Workshop Series (Virtual)

Want to learn how to use Cloud & DevOps technologies in real-world applications? Interested in learning concepts and tools of microservices, containerized workloads and clusters across multiple clouds? If so, join us in the Mizzou Cloud & DevOps Workshop Series! Open to online students in roles of course instructors, undergraduate/graduate students, cloud engineers, system administrators, and other learners.

Register here!

Hacker Tracker Cyber Security Camp

Virtual Cyber Security Camp Teaches Students Computing

Want to play detective and investigate cyber attacks? Interested in learning tools and coding to detect attacks? Want to develop cool visualizations to track cyber attacks? If so, join us for the virtual Hacker Tracker Cyber Security Camp! Open to students in grades 6-12.

Check back for future dates.


The purpose of the Applied Imagery Pattern Recognition (AIPR) annual workshops is to bring together researchers from government, industry, and academia in an elegant setting conducive to technical interchange across a broad range of disciplines. The papers span a range of topics, from research to fielded systems and provide to scientists, developers, and managers alike, a broad vision of the applicability of image analysis and machine learning technologies.

50th Annual IEEE AIPR Workshop

AIPR Booklet

In the news:

Mizzou Engineering hosts virtual AIPR conference

Amrita Symposium

Mizzou Engineering has formed a partnership with a top-ranked university in India to foster collaboration among researchers and students. The partnership between Mizzou and Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham aims to promote cooperation through joint research and publications, international initiatives, training programs and student exchanges.

Partnership with Amrita Kicks off with International Symposium

2021 CANSec

It is our great pleasure to invite you to the 14th Central Area Networking and Security Workshop (CANSec 2021) which will be hosted by University of Missouri-Columbia on Nov. 13-14, 2021.  The goal of the CANSec workshop is to provide a regular forum for presenting research and education activities in all areas related to computer security and networking, as well as promoting interactions and collaborations among scholars and students and between academia and industry.

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