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A Proud Tradition, Engineering the Future!

The Department of Electrical & Computer Engineering is one of 9 academic departments within the College of Engineering at the University of Missouri.

Established in 1884 as the first electrical engineering program in the nation, this ABET accredited program is now home to more than 300 undergraduate students, almost 150 graduate students and 28 faculty members.


An interdisciplinary approach

Mizzou’s large campus gives engineering faculty and students the opportunity to work with people from a diverse range of disciplines.

Being minutes away from the Sinclair School of Nursing, the department of Biological Engineering or the School of Natural Resources’ Fisheries and Wildlife department, for example, provides endless opportunities for collaborative research.

This interdisciplinary approach is reflected in engineering classrooms, and through undergraduate research and student teams and organizations, students learn the importance of communicating across disciplines, a valuable skill they can take with them as they begin careers.

Interdisciplinary Projects in the News

What do electrical and computer engineers do?

Electrical Engineers are involved in electrical power generation, communication systems, instrumentation, circuit design and microprocessor design.  Global energy problems and rapid advances in microelectronics ensure a constant demand for electrical engineers.

Computer Engineers design hardware and computer systems and develop software. Their interests include intelligent systems, computer design and architecture, embedded systems such as cell phones and digital cameras, and other areas related to computer systems.

What can you do?

You can work in industry, government, consulting, or commerce.  Choose a career path in design, development, production, manufacturing, sales or service, or use the degree as preparation for further study in engineering, business, medicine, or law.

Where do electrical and computer engineers work?

Electrical and computer engineers enjoy high placement rates and some of the highest starting salaries in the College of Engineering.