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Come learn about science, engineering, life sciences and communication skills by building and programming robots using the LEGO NXTs through fun, hands-on, real-world, problem-solving activities. Children with different ability levels can gain experience relating concepts of science, technology and engineering to everyday life.

Students will:

  • work in small teams to design and build working robots
  • program robots to perform tasks
  • work on independent and team projects that foster learning
  • work on communication and presentation skills

Solving problems beyond classroom experience

Each child is encouraged to work within his/her own abilities as they explore engineering and its underlying principles. Your child will gain skills that cannot be easily acquired in a classroom setting including learning the engineering design process as a way to solve problems involving real-world, hands-on projects.

Camp instructors are engineering students with professional experience in robotics. They will be on hand for direction and assistance throughout the day to ensure your child has a positive and enjoyable experience. The ratio of staff to campers is low so that we can offer each student individualized attention.

Robotic interaction is exciting and unique field with many opportunities. The LEGO Robotics Camp is a chance for students to participate in individual and small-team design projects while fostering an understanding of the engineering design process. Several open-ended engineering challenges are presented throughout the camps.

No experience necessary

No prior experience with LEGO or LEGO NXT is needed to attend part 1 of our camps. However, only children that have attended part 1 can register for parts 2 and 3.

Although the program is educational, we want the children to enjoy themselves and have fun. Activity themes are designed to be of interest to the age groups that attend each camp. Activities are structured to encourage students to make connections with other campers.