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Mizzou’s College of Engineering’s Prototype Development Facility offers state-of-the-art technology for both academics and industries alike. MU’s purchase of 4, high quality, 3D printers have allowed the CoE to excel as one of the leaders in prototype development. MU’s Prototype Development facilities offers incredible opportunities with both speed and affordable costs.

Advantages for Students

The Prototype Development Facility here at MU is one of only a few of its kind. One of the more unique elements of this facility is the incorporation of students at MU. Roughly 90% of the Prototype Development process is attributed to drawing and 3D modeling, which is exactly what our students do. Open to all departments within the CoE, different Senior Capstone projects, competitive student teams and organizations all utilize the Prototype Development Facility to its fullest potential.

Business and Entrepreneurship

Another aspect of Prototype Development are outside businesses and entrepreneurs. Small, start-up companies can find assistance and resources with the University Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship located in Lafferre Hall. This service offers advantages to those looking to make prototypes that will aid in the development of businesses and consumer products.

The variety that comes with having 4, different 3D printers -with plans to acquire a fifth- makes the Prototype Development Facility at MU a great resource for all interests. There is a machine for any part you need made. With options like color printing, choice of material, variety of size and layer thickness, and multiple resolution levels, chances are that we have the perfect machine to make your prototype.


Innovations in the medical industry, farming and engineering, to name only a few, have been made possible by the advantages offered by 3D printing. Cost effective and speed of delivery make the services at the Prototype Development Facility useful and available to any and all who are interested. For more information and specific questions, please contact us here.