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The Master of Engineering Degree is a non-research, 36 credit hour program. This is designed to be a terminal degree and students considering a PhD should not enroll for this option. In addition, since this is a non-research degree, the department will not provide a student enrolled in this program any financial assistance.


Upon the student’s acceptance for advisement in the graduate program of the Department of Industrial and Manufacturing Systems Engineering, the Director of Graduate Studies will serve as the student’s advisor. The student may also choose a faculty member in the student’s area of interest to help in the advising process.

ME Course Requirements

This program consists of 36 credit hours. Of these 36 credit hours, 15 must be at the 8000 level and the rest at the 7000 or above level. Master of Engineering students will take a curriculum made up of 21 hours of IMSE graduate coursework that includes:

IMSE 8410 Advanced Management Information Systems Design (3)
Information flow and management theory, output design, financial information, data structures and process methods, database management systems, information modular design, artificial intelligence, hardware and telecommunications considerations. Prerequisite: IMSE 3410

IMSE 8610 Quality Control Systems (3)
Advanced process control charts, empirical model-building, fractional factorial designs and Taguchi techniques as tools for process and product improvement, professional ethics in quality management; TQM and ISO 9000. Prerequisite: IMSE 4610/7610 andIMSE 8110

IMSE 8110 Engineering Experimentation (3)
Application of advanced statistical methods for the analysis of engineering design and experimental problems. Prerequisite: IMSE 4110/7110

IMSE 8210 Operations Research -Discrete Models (3)
Applications of discrete operations research methods, including linear programming, fuzzy sets, integer programming and meta-heuristics. Prerequisites: IMSE 4210/7210

IMSE 8230 Operations Research – Stochastic Models (3)
Theory and applications of stochastic processes; includes continuous time Markov chain, Markov decision process, queueing theory, and stochastic manufacturing systems. Prerequisite: IMSE 4230/7230

IMSE 8550 Advanced CAD/CAM (3)
Covers the state-of-the-art in CAD/CAM and explores the latest developments, residual problems and new direction in CAD/CAM. Includes sculptured surface modeling, rapid prototyping and manufacturing, integrated process planning, shape analysis, and machine intelligence. Prerequisites: IMSE 4550/7550

IMSE 8310 Advanced Integrated Production Systems (3)
Advanced study of the design and operation of flow shop, job shop, and cell-based production systems, including scheduling, layout and material flow issues. Prerequisites: IMSE 4310/7310

The remaining 15 hours must be approved by the Director of Graduate Studies and a program of study must be filed before graduation. Additional IMSE 7000 level courses may be accepted for graduate credit with approval of the Director of Graduate Studies.

Program of Study

While a standard set of background requirements and a 21-credit-hour core program are required of all ME students, considerable program flexibility exists. All of the courses appropriate to the student’s concentration area which are to be included in a student’s program should be entered on the program of study form. A minimum of 36 hours, 15 at the 8000 level, are required by the Graduate School. The advisor’s signature will indicate approval of all courses listed.