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Collaborative Academic Program (CAP)

Another type of educational cooperation with the Partner Universities is a Collaborative Academic Program (CAP), in which qualified students enrolled at a partner university are accepted into selected fields of study at MU CoE (subject to all applicable MU policies, procedures and admission requirements) to finish the required curriculum to qualify for their bachelor’s degree – to be awarded by their home institution – and pursue a Master’s degree to be awarded by MU.

Program Implementation

The Collaborative Academic Program (CAP) is implemented and administered in 3 phases, in accordance with the terms and conditions set out in a Cooperative Agreement between MU and the partner university.

Phase I

During this phase, a partner university student selected as a candidate for the CAP program will study at their home institution to complete the first 3 years worth of course work of a 4 year Bachelor’s Degree program in disciplines mutually agreed to by the partner university and MU CoE. Each discipline will establish a curriculum approved by both parties. The qualified students, as recommended by the partner university and evaluated and accepted by MU in accordance with MU’s international admission procedures and standards, will enter Phase II of the CAP program.

Phase II

In this phase, the admitted CAP students will continue their studies in the chosen discipline in MU CoE following the approved curricula. Upon satisfying all applicable graduation requirements, each CAP student will receive a bachelor’s degree from his/her home institution and will apply to MU Graduate School.

Phase III

In this phase, students are now eligible pursue and complete a master’s degree from MU. First, students shall receive a notification letter of their completion of the bachelor’s degree from the partner university (their home institution) and forward an official copy of the letter and a transcript to the MU Graduate Admissions office. Once the letter and transcript are received and evaluated, and if the Graduate School and the departmental graduate program agree that the student meets MU’s graduate admission requirements, the CAP student is admitted into an MU Master of Science program in the participating discipline. Finally, upon completion of requirements, CAP students obtain a Master of Science degree from the University of Missouri.

Each discipline in the CAP program will require a program of study approved both by the Partner University and MU CoE. This program of study will contain general and technical courses (course sequences) satisfying the bachelor’s degree requirements at the Partner University and the Master’s degree requirements at MU. Students in the CAP program will be able to enroll in up to 6 credit hours of graduate coursework during the first year at MU under the “Senior Dual Enrollment Program”, which, upon successful completion, may be used toward a Master’s degree at MU.

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