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Getting Started

During the first semester in the graduate program, the ME students should:

  • Select a Major Advisor
    • The student’s academic advisor and the Director of Graduate studies must approve all coursework used to satisfy the credit hour requirements for this degree.
  • Develop a Program of Study with the assistance of your Major Advisor

Program of Study

The student’s advisor and the Director of Graduate Studies (upon recommendation of the MAE Graduate Committee) must approve all coursework used to satisfy the credit hour requirements. See more information in the ME Program of Study section.

  • The minimum degree requirement is 36 hours with a minimum of 18 hours at the 8000 level.
  • A minimum of 21 hours must be engineering courses.
  • A minimum of 18 hours must be MAE courses.
  • A minimum of 18 hours must be taken at MU.
  • A maximum of 6 hours taken at other accredited institutions may be transferred upon approval of the MAE Graduate Committee, but up to 18 hours may be transferred from a UM system institution.
  • An official transcript of this work must be on file in the MU Registrar’s office.
  • There is no mathematics requirement for this degree.
  • There is no seminar requirement for this degree

Grade Point Average (GPA)
The GPA in the Graduate School is based on the student’s entire graduate record of courses taken at MU. To remain in good standing and to graduate, a graduate student must maintain a cumulative GPA of 3.0 or better in all graduate courses taken at MU.

Time Limit
A reasonable rate of progress toward the degree is required each semester. The program for the Master’s degree must be completed within a period of 8 years after the first enrollment according to Graduate School regulations.

ME Forms

Completing the ME

Following successful completion of the Final Examination, the student must fulfill certain Graduate School and MAE departmental requirements. The Graduate School will not authorize degree completion until it receives written notification from the MAE Director of Graduate Studies that all departmental requirements have been met.

Graduate School Requirements

  1. A final examination is not required for the ME degree.
  2. The student’s academic advisor and the Director of Graduate Studies shall notify the Graduate School of the student’s completion of the required coursework for the ME degree.
  3. All incomplete grades are to be changed, signed by the student’s advisor and the Department Chairman and forwarded to the Graduate School.

MAE Departmental Requirements

  1. Letter of completion from MAE Director of Graduate Studies and advisor
  2. All departmental keys and equipment are to be returned.
  3. A forwarding address must be left with the Graduate Program Administrative Assistant.

Students who complete an ME in Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering may apply for admission to the PhD program. A statement of objectives and 3 letters of recommendation must be submitted to the Graduate Program Office. Contact the Graduate Program Secretary for additional information.