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Honors Research

Participation in Engineering Honors Research allows you to shorten your graduate career by counting up to six hours of undergraduate course work toward graduate credit. It also allows you to develop expertise that can help you start immediately on a graduate-level research project when you go to grad school.

Students are eligible for the Honors Research Program beginning their senior years and may participate in both Honors Research and the Undergraduate Research Program simultaneously.

  • In addition, you will work out a thesis as part of the program.
  • Six hours can count towards your graduate degree.
  • The same requirements as the Undergraduate Research Program apply.

Important information

If you enroll in Honors Research, you will have to participate in a 4995 course. Each course is different based on your department, and you will then receive academic credit for your Undergraduate Research.

  • There is no pay associated with the Honors Research Program.
  • You’ll be encouraged to jointly enroll in graduate school during last 15 hours of your bachelor’s degree, so any additional coursework you take as an undergraduate (and not required for your degree) can be used for graduate credit.


  • Maintain a 3.0 overall GPA
  • Identify a faculty mentor to oversee and direct your research and evaluate your performance in your 4995 class.
  • On the application form, you must have a signature from a faculty mentor.

For department specific information, contact:

With general questions, contact Hani Salim.