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Desktop Enhancement Program

What is desktop enhancement?

As in past years, the University’s Desktop Enhancement Program (DEP) will continue to use a four-year life cycle for computer replacement. This replacement cycle is based on the increasing dependability of computers and operating systems changing less frequently. Department chairs should be selective in their approval of requests because of limited funding and longer life cycle replacement times.

Who is eligible?

  • • Must be a permanent University of Missouri College of Engineering faculty or staff member who is not retiring during the current fiscal year (research, retired, adjunct or temporary faculty, as well as students (undergraduate or graduate) or research assistants, are NOT eligible)
  • • Computer must be at least four (4) fiscal years old (i.e. purchased before the beginning of the fiscal year, four years ago)
  • • Must not have received a computer through the DEP within the last four (4) years.
  • • Must have approval from department chair or unit director

What’s included?

All desktop computer prices do not include a monitor (unless noted). A laptop request will only be approved if it will replace the individual’s desktop computer and is sufficiently justified to warrant purchase. Purchasers are encouraged to reuse existing monitors; however, if a replacement monitor is required, it may be acquired through the DEP (a MoCode must accompany the request to pay for the monitor(s).) Any modification of the advertised basic model configuration will have to be funded by the purchaser/department, via MoCode, and change(s) noted on the request form.

There are various categories of Dell and Apple computing hardware from which to choose. To assist you in your selection, ETS has suggested the following selections from Dell and Apple that fall under DEP. Please note that only these selections can be purchased under DEP. Prices reflect the base model (upgrades require a MoCode) and do not include monitors, unless otherwise noted.

Replaced computers will be removed by ETS personnel and held in the College of Engineering computer pool for 30 days before being redistributed. By submitting an approved DEP form, the individual receiving the computer has agreed to relinquish his/her old computer to the ETS technician. If the individual chooses not to relinquish his/her old computer, the DEP application will be withdrawn.

* Tablets only approved for desktop enhancement only if it will replace and be used as your primary computer.

How do I submit a request?

To ensure that all allocated funds are expended in a timely manner, a copy of your DEP request will be sent to your department chair/unit director for prioritization and final approval. In the event that requests exceed funding levels, the department chair or unit director’s prioritization will be used. It is requested that all DCE requests be submitted to ETS no later than Oct. 21, 2016. If application forms are not correctly filled out they will be returned to the originator, but this could delay the ordering process.

Click here to submit a DEP form

Delivery & Installation

To ensure that all data is correctly transferred to the new DEP computer and adjusted correctly, Engineering Technical Services will set up all DEP computers, regardless of the purchaser’s computer expertise level. Departments are required to submit blanket request forms for computer set-up for their personnel. (Please have your department submit a request using Track It.) ETS will contact the computer recipient to set up an appointment for installing the new computer. Computers that have not been delivered to the original requestor will be reassigned after three months from initial notification by ETS.


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