Reginald Rogers teaching a class

Overcoming Obstacles and Encouraging Others

Teaching has always come naturally to Reginald Rogers, associate professor of chemical and biomedical engineering, Rogers shares his story to give students hope and encourage them to accomplish difficult things. A shelf full of teaching awards affirm that his philosophy is making an impact.


Siemens Healthineers interns make strides to improve health in mid-Missouri

Thanks to the University of Missouri’s Value Partnership with Siemens Healthineers, MU student Erica Goodin got the opportunity to observe the process of powering down an MRI machine at a local hospital. During her internship, Goodin also worked with electrical components and circuit diagrams to solve issues with the 7-Tesla MRI scanner that belongs to NextGen Precision Health. These were special experiences for the biomedical engineering major who plans to work with similar machines in her future career.


Mizzou establishes commercialization hub with NSF award, $5.5 million agreement

The National Science Foundation (NSF) has selected MU as one of 18 U.S. academic institutions to receive an Accelerating Research Translation award. This award will be used to set up a Technology, Entrepreneurship and Commercialization Hub, supported by a four-year, $5.5 million cooperative agreement with the NSF.

The group presenting their project. From left, Kathleen Groner, Paige Snider and Jack Shultz

Chemical engineering students complete AIChE student design challenge for capstone project

Each semester, chemical engineering capstone students complete the American Institute of Chemical Engineers Student Design Competition. The competition is held in the spring, so students in fall capstone courses solve a prior year’s challenge. This fall, students completed a challenge first released for the 2020-2021 academic year, for which they acted as a consulting firm working with a plant in Iraq to retrofit a toppings refinery in order to comply with environmental regulations.

From left, Sidney Moss, Isabella Parks and Rachel Solverud with prototype

Biological and biomedical engineering students redesign manufacturing process for vocal implant

This fall, one biological and biomedical engineering capstone group documented their project working with a surgeon to redesign the manufacturing process for a type of medical implant, showcasing another example of how a Mizzou Engineering education prepares students for their careers.


Mizzou Engineers advanced energy, AI, materials, transportation, health in 2023

This past year, Mizzou Engineers worked on significant solutions to society’s most-pressing challenges. They advanced nuclear power. They studied ways to turn leftover bread crust into plastics that will degrade naturally in the environment. They made artificial intelligence explain itself. They invented new materials, investigated self-driving trucks and came up with an innovative system to optimize blood supplies.


Inspired by faculty, Sally Chen earns degree in biological engineering

When finalizing her college choice, Sally Chen combed through two university catalogs and noticed something different about Mizzou Engineering: the bioengineering electives were more robust and flexible. That, and the fact she's lived in Columbia since fifth grade, sealed her decision.


Ready to forge ahead, Jack Shultz earns degree in chemical engineering

At Mizzou, Jack Shultz has had the opportunity to explore a variety of academic interests including business and athletic training. He ultimately opted to combine his passion for math and chemistry and pursue a degree in chemical engineering.


Fascinated by her field, Mary Todd earns degree in biomedical engineering

Mary Todd comes from a family of Mizzou Tigers. But she didn't just follow in their footsteps. Todd says Mizzou was undoubtedly the right choice because in addition to liking the campus, student involvement opportunities and proximity to home, she couldn't picture herself anywhere else. Looking back, she still can't.

Anjola Ojo and Rob McKnight with AIChE Award

Mizzou AIChE earns outstanding student chapter award at national conference

Mizzou AIChE, a local chapter of the American Institute of Chemical Engineers, was recently selected as an Outstanding Student Chapter for the 2022-2023 academic year. The award was conferred at the national Annual Student Conference earlier this month.