IMSE Internship Testimonial: Lauren Clay, Schnuck Markets, Inc.

November 03, 2021

Lauren Clay

Senior IMSE student Lauren Clay


Lauren Clay


Chicago, IL

Company and role:

Schnuck Markets, Inc.

Industrial Engineer Intern

Where was the internship based?

Saint Louis, MO

What was your role? What projects did you work on?

The primary focus of my role was to review and update engineering labor standards. My first project was to observe and determine the best method of pallet stocking from the backroom of the stores to the sales floor. I completed this project by doing multiple time and motion studies and analyzing my data within excel to present the best results. My next project was to take “Characteristic Surveys” of numerous Schnucks locations that would then be added in to impact the specific stores’ labor hours. My third project was to inspect and determine the amount of time and money saved through a new implementation within the produce department of the store. I also used time and motion studies and analyzed my data within excel for this project. Lastly, my fourth project was a cross-functional group project with other interns on creating new opportunities for Schnucks to implement both virtually and in-person within their stores.

How did Mizzou Engineering prepare you for this role?

Mizzou Engineering prepared me for this role by introducing me to many of the topics and concepts that would be used within my internship. I believe this background knowledge and experience helped me to have a foundation to build upon coming into this internship.

How do you feel this internship has prepared you for your future career?

This internship has helped to prepare me for my future career by allowing me to continue growing both technical and soft skills. I got the opportunity to use my prior knowledge and build upon that by solving real world problems. It was also very rewarding to see my work being valued and used within the company. I also grew soft skills by getting to work with different people at the company both in and out of my department and was able to learn from each of them. Overall, this internship allowed me to gain both professional and personal growth that I know will transfer to my future success!

Why did you choose Mizzou Engineering?

I chose Mizzou Engineering because they connect you with many different opportunities for success. Whether that be working with a real company during class, learning new skills, involvement, and volunteer opportunities…. There’s a lot to do! Also, I’ve had the chance to connect with some great professors along the way!

Why did you choose Industrial Engineering?

I chose Industrial Engineering because it focuses on improving processes. I believe that everything in life is a process, making this discipline very versatile to be applied anywhere. Whether that process be career wise or personal wise, I will always strive for continuous improvement… and smiles, within it!

What are your plans for after graduation?

My plans for post-graduation are to continue smiling through life, always! I’m currently still in the process of figuring out/deciding what will be my full-time job, and I have received a full-time engineering role offer at Bayer. I am excited to see the opportunities that will come about. More so than that, I plan to continue growing personally and know that whatever I do in life will not just be me smiling, but I will be adding to the smiles of others along the way. I’m excited to see where my journey will take me!