IT Fall 2021 Capstone Projects: Part 2

January 10, 2022

Seniors in the Information Technology program at Mizzou conclude their coursework with a capstone project. Through these projects, they apply what they’ve learned in their classes to create a product, such as a mobile app or video game, that solves a real-world problem or applies emerging technologies in creative ways.

Students work together in teams to design, develop and test the product. This experience gives students the hands-on preparation they need to be successful after graduation.

Below are the IT capstone projects from the Fall 2021 semester. Take a few moments to learn how Information Technology students engineer real-world solutions.

      Stock Information Mobile App Team Members: Jack Vickers, Connor Redmond, Cade Mahoney, Riley Putnam, Gage Smith Objective: Design a mobile application that provides stock information to users.  

      Animation and Post-Production Team Members: Patrick McIntosh, Sean O’Connor, Daniel Vang, Stephen Smith Objective: Implement futuristic User Interfaces and Human Computer Interaction into the post-production of the sci-fi television pilot, Human Things.


      Hypnophobia Video Game Team Members: Livvy Beggs, Tristan Soo, Will Slama, Robert Chrun, Hunter Hughes Objective: Create a 3D horror game with entirely original assets.  


    Virtual Tour of Lafferre with Microsoft HoloLens 2 Team Members: Alex Bohrer, Tripp Horsey, Brennen Roehlke, Joe Sahrmann, Brandon Taylor Objective: Create an immersive and engaging virtual tour of Lafferre Hall on the HoloLens.

    Countryside Nursery School Mobile Application Team Members: Robert Colman Loch, Zechariah Watkins, Meredith Spiers, Andrew Young Objective: Design a mobile application for more efficient communication between Countryside Nursery School and parents/caregivers.