MAE Spring 2022 Capstone Projects

July 25, 2022

Seniors in the Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering (MAE) at Mizzou conclude their coursework with a semester-long capstone project. Through these capstones, students apply their classroom learning to develop prototypes to solve real-world issues.

The experience gives students the hands-on preparation they need to be successful after graduation.

Below are the MAE capstone projects from the Spring 2022 semester. Take a few moments to learn how mechanical engineers develop solutions to real engineering problems.


MAE Spring 2022 CapstoneCapstone Team 1

Project: Access -a-Reel
Team Members: Laine Friedrich, Evan Hunter, Tate Beeler, Gage Schupp, Darren Eagon, Bridger Bjornstrom
Objective: Design a rod and reel combo that can be used one-handed for those who do not have use of one of their arms and legs.

MAE Spring 2022 Capstone 2Capstone Team 2

Project: Insulin Travel Cooler
Team Members: Melanie Brekrus, Zach Everly, Anna Merkel, Ray Waidmann, Emily Werner, Shelby Wiseman
Objective: Design and build a portable cooling canister to store insulin at safe temperatures for up to 24 hours.

MAE Spring 2022 Capstone 3Capstone Team 3

Project: Model Rocket Reaction Control System
Team Members: Nicholas Haney, Andrew Weber, Zachary Windsor, Sofonyas Woldekidan
Objective: Create a reaction control system to maintain vertical orientation of a hobby rocket that operates in realistic limitations of size, mass and propulsion.

MAE Spring 2022 Capstone 4Capstone Team 4

Project: Autonomous Robot
Team Members: Jacob Search, Jonathan Miles, Colm Barry, Nathan Crum, Caleb McNeil, Chris Armstrong
Objective: Develop autonomous obstacle detection and path planning with minimal sensing and computational requirements.

MAE Spring capstone project 5Capstone Team 5

Project: Accessible Wind Energy Technology

Team Members: Navpal Singh, Mason Anthuis, Andrew Stepp, Reuben Terry, Damian Tuszynski, Alex Yount, Jack Dahlgren
Objective: Make wind energy technology more accessible.

MAE spring 2022 capstone project 6Capstone Team 6

Project: Hermes’ Beacon
Team Members: Keaton Clark, Zach Highfill, Alex Haffley, Ciprian Comsa, Ryan McCoy, Will Sargent
Objective: Create an emergency SOS device that will provide users with a reliable, resilient and reusable SOS beacon

MAE spring 2022 capstone project 7Capstone Team 7

Project: Top Notch
Team Members: Erik Isbell, Mark Kohl, Ben Gustafson, Camaron Harvey, Matt Gray
Objective: Design and prototype a system to cope the ends of tube for the assembly of tube frame structures.