New lab brings photogrammetry, motion capture system to Mizzou Engineering

October 03, 2022

Man at computer with another man inside motion capture system

The motion capture system takes images from all angles to turn people into digital avatars.

A new lab at Mizzou Engineering will give students access to the latest technology allowing them to turn images of large objects into 3D digital assets.

It’s called the Collaborative Research Environment for Extended Reality, or CREXR Lab, and it gives students and faculty the ability to transform real-world objects, scenes and even individuals into components that can be integrated into virtual, augmented and mixed-reality settings.

The lab prepares students to work with photogrammetry and motion capture technologies. Photogrammetry equipment is used to turn two-dimensional images into realistic 3D models. A motion capture system uses multiple cameras to take images of people and objects from all different angles to provide lifelike assets.

“Virtual, augmented and other extended realities are rapidly being integrated in our society, not only in gaming and entertainment but also for applications in education and training, healthcare, transportation and more,” said Fang Wang, director of the lab and an associate teaching professor in the Department of Engineering and Information Technology. “It’s exciting to have these technologies to ensure our students have the tools they need to not only explore the metaverse, but also help build it.”

The CREXR Lab opened this fall and will be more fully integrated into the curriculum over the coming semesters.

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