Benefits of graduate school touted at Engineering Research Open House

October 25, 2023

Students at Research Open House
Undergraduate students had the opportunity to hear about graduate research projects during the Research Open House.

Earning a master’s degree means seeing a significant increase in your earning potential for life, and the payoff is even greater when you complete at Ph.D. In addition to becoming an expert in your field and gaining a competitive edge in the workforce, graduate students also conduct world-changing research.

And at Mizzou Engineering, students have a variety of funding options to pay for graduate school and take advantage of those benefits.

Those were a few of the take-aways from a Research Open House held Tuesday, Oct. 25.

The event included information about the College’s nine master’s degrees and seven doctoral programs, as well as ways to pay for them. For example, students can become graduate research or graduate teaching assistants to offset costs.

During the Open House, undergraduates had the opportunity to meet with Directors of Graduate Studies as well as current graduate students and learn more about specific research projects happening in each department.

Learn more about becoming a graduate student at Mizzou Engineering here. Learn more about the MU Graduate School here.