Always learning: Deloney conducts internship at J-Squared Engineering

June 14, 2024

Ryan Deloney conducts internship at J-Squared Engineering

Meet Ryan Deloney, a senior in mechanical engineering. He chose to study mechanical engineering at Mizzou because he wanted to learn how machines are designed and built.

“Almost everything is created by a team of engineers, and I want to be a part of that,” Deloney said. “I enjoy the various challenges that come with mechanical engineering courses. These challenges keep my work ethic in check, and the satisfaction of finally understanding a difficult concept I am passionate about is tremendous.”

Deloney is conducting an internship with J-Squared Engineering in Columbia, Missouri, this summer. We asked him a few questions about the experience.

Tell us about your internship at J-Squared Engineering. What’s your role and primary responsibility?

J-Squared Engineering is an engineering consultant firm which provides full mechanical, electrical and plumbing design drawings for various facility types. As a mechanical engineering intern, I am responsible for implementing changes made to existing design drawings regarding HVAC systems and associated ductwork. I am also responsible for ensuring that mechanical and lighting systems on a given project are code compliant.

What’s a typical day like?

On any given day, I am always learning something new. Some days I am learning more about the way we design mechanical systems, on others, I’m on a job site seeing our designs implemented.

How did Mizzou Engineering prepare you for this internship?

Mizzou Engineering prepared me for this internship by teaching me how to use Computer-Aided Design (CAD) software, how to read design drawings and how to be thorough in my work. Mizzou Engineering also taught me to critically think and how to find solutions when they aren’t easy to find or obvious. 

What have you enjoyed most working at J-Squared Engineering so far?

I really enjoy the environment at my internship at J-Squared. Everyone is professional, respectful and always willing to help me when I don’t understand something. I also really enjoy learning more about HVAC and electrical systems. These systems are implemented in every type of building, and it’s neat to learn about such important systems that I would previously have given little consideration to. 

What have you learned from your internship experience?

I have learned the value of building relationships with the people we do business with. J-Squared Engineering has built strong relationships with clients, architects and contractors alike. Oftentimes, these people are willing to work with us on future projects because of these relationships.

I have also learned that change is inevitable. There are often unforeseen changes made to a project and things don’t go the way you expected them to. Through these challenges, I have learned to quickly adapt to change.

What advice would you give other students wanting to conduct an internship in this area?

I would recommend becoming well-versed in CAD software, as you will likely use some version of it for an internship. If you want to work with HVAC systems, knowledge of thermodynamics and the refrigeration cycle is very important.

My last piece of advice is simply to put yourself out there! Instead of just applying for an internship, try reaching out to the hiring manager or project manager with an email. This can go a long way in showing your initiative and desire to succeed. 

Thank you for sharing!

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