Mizzou information technology seniors complete capstone projects

May 21, 2024

Seniors in the Information Technology program at Mizzou conclude their coursework with a capstone project. Through these projects, they apply what they’ve learned in their classes to create a product, such as a mobile app, website or video game, that solves a real-world problem or applies emerging technologies in creative ways.

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Automotive Invoicing & Website

Adam Allee, Chris Chandler, Jake Frindley, James Lyerla, Owen Roesel

The group partnered with a client to design a new invoicing system utilizing Excel and built an interactive website to give the company an online presence.


Ben Clark, Jacob Woods, Kelly Sun, Kevin Pagan, Rosa Wessel

ClippyBird is a low-cost, opensource bird feeder with no subscription fees. The Raspberry Pi-based bird feeder has a webcam that sends photos to a website.

Cloak & Dagger

Dalton Seibert, Devon Landry, Hayden Cox

Cloak & Dagger is a game themed around the assassination of Julius Caesar, developed to be played on multiple devices where each player plays on their own device with a “host” device managing the game.

College Rewards

Andrew Caskey, Shawn Davenport, Sam Koske, Calvin Nanneman, Tony Neubeck

To encourage student participation in campus events, the group created a rewards app that allows users to earn points by attending Mizzou events. The app allows points to be traded for prizes or rewards and creates a leaderboard of students who attend the most events.

Data Dive

Nick Sheppard, Andrew Crutchfield, James Hinshaw, Bradin Boulch, Jack Miller

The group produced an app that allows users to make calls from various existing APIs (Application Programming Interfaces) in a streamlined and user-friendly way. It makes the information supported from specific APIs more accessible to those with little or no API or coding experience.

Is is Open?

Gerard Lucas, Steven Gibson, Jack Carroll, Alex Franklin, Jimmy Keating

Is it Open is a web application that helps consumers learn if a business’ posted hours are accurate by allowing users to report and share feedback on restaurants in real time.

Mat Matchmaker

Alex Molinari, Drew Byrd, Nick Shupe, Venitia Bernard, Clayton Marsh

The capstone group built a web application to help youth wrestling coaches save time by streamlining team management, such as roster input and event scheduling.


Hunter Burrell, Matthew Henderson, Nicholas Kapp, Quin Taylor, Riley Ruiz

The group sought to help students learn about Mizzou and Columbia and created a website that congregates campus and Columbia resources in one place for easy navigation.

Mizzou Dorm Customizer

Edmund Hernandez, Gabriel Ivey, Madi Rogers, Stefan Tomovski

The group wanted to help current and future Mizzou students learn more information about their future dorm. They created Mizzou Dorm Customizer, a tool that showcases accurate dorm layouts and allows the user to help decide what to bring to campus and how to set up their dorm room.

Show Me Charts

Garrett Rodgers, Jonathan Marquez, Nermina Jasarevic, Peter Nielsen, Pola Jaskolski

The capstone group developed a website that allows University of Missouri students to import their Spotify music data and to create a community top chart that shows trending music and allows users to see what music is popular amongst their classmates.


Cassie Beisheim, Karch Hertelendy, Katie Jackson, Michael Oreto, Tristan Winship

Working with the University of Missouri Computing Sites, which maintains campus’ computer and printing labs, the group developed an app to streamline inventory and cleaning forms used by employees. The app includes a map with all site locations and can generate reports for supervisors.


Grant Newsham, Donbosco Kim Kim, Downing Abbot, Matthew Hartmann, Noah Reeves

This group created a one-stop-shop website for Mizzou club soccer that links social media accounts; shares news articles, rosters and schedules and simplifies processes for prospective players.


Jules Parham, Oscar Schwartz, Emajin Brown, John Ly

Thridder is a new social media platform that is designed to give users the ability to connect to people with similar interests. Users can blog and add new forums based on their individual interests.

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