Nima Golghamat Raad

February 15, 2024

Portrait of Nima Golghamat Raad

Nima Golghamat Raad

Area of Study
Industrial and Systems Engineering, Ph.D.

Faculty Advisor
Suchi Rajendran

Where did you complete undergraduate studies?
B.Sc. of Industrial Engineering: Isfahan University of Technology, Iran
M.Sc. of Industrial Engineering: Amirkabir University of Technology, Iran

Why did you choose Mizzou for your graduate program?
After exploring various options, I realized that the Industrial and Systems Engineering department at Mizzou is highly active in my research area of interest, supply chain analytics, and consistently publishes excellent papers each year. This led me to correspond with one of the professors, and ultimately, I was able to secure admission to the doctoral program in this department.

Tell us about your graduate research. What are some potential outcomes?
My graduate research focuses on the strategic location of drone battery charging stations for package delivery in urban and rural environments. This technology is poised to revolutionize the delivery of commercial and postal packages, food and even medical supplies. The potential outcomes and applications of this research are substantial. It could significantly reduce delivery times, lower operational costs and enhance accessibility in hard-to-reach areas. Additionally, it promises to have a positive environmental impact by reducing the carbon footprint associated with traditional delivery methods. 

What are some accomplishments you’ve achieved at Mizzou that you’re especially proud of?
I have published multiple articles in prestigious industrial engineering journals, including ‘Transportation Research Part E’ and ‘Computers & Industrial Engineering.’ Additionally, I’ve actively participated in esteemed conferences such as INFORMS and IISE over the past two years, where I presented my research. These experiences have not only contributed significantly to my field but have also enhanced my skills in research and academic discourse.

What do you hope to do after you complete your degree?
After completing my degree, my aspiration is to join an R1 Research University as a faculty member, where I can engage in both teaching and research. I am passionate about contributing to groundbreaking studies in my field while also imparting knowledge and inspiring the next generation of students in academia.

What would you tell others considering Mizzou Engineering for graduate school?
If you’re aspiring to secure positions in top companies, research labs, or universities in the United States and are willing to put in the effort, Mizzou Engineering offers everything you need to succeed. For many, it has been a bridge that led them to their dream jobs. The program not only provides a robust academic foundation but also equips you with the practical skills and networking opportunities crucial for professional growth in the competitive world of engineering.