Photo Album: Daughter Day 2024

April 15, 2024

SWE members in front of Welcome to Daughter Day sign

Each Spring, Mizzou’s chapter of the Society of Women Engineers (SWE) invites girls from across the community to come visit Mizzou Engineering and learn more about STEM and engineering for Daughter Day.

“We host Daughter Day as a means for young women to explore all the things engineering has to offer,” said Sophie Coday, Co-Outreach Director for Mizzou SWE. “We hope that the participants learn that there is an engineering career fit for everyone.”

Scroll to see photos from the event and explore the different activities the girls participated in.

SWE members under balloon arch
Roger Fales presenting on how to prepare and succeed in engineering
Students' Underwater Robotics Foundation members with robot speaking to girls
paper tower activity
girls creating paper towers
girls creating paper towers
girls creating paper towers
MSP cardboard engineering project
Engineered cart with MSP logo
SWE alumni and members

Photos courtesy of the Society of Women Engineers.

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