Information Technology

Explore Innovation as a Career

The Information Technology Program is for tech-minded thinkers interested in working with emerging technologies as solutions to tomorrow’s challenges. Our students delve deeply into traditional IT fields such as programming languages, software engineering, cyber security, mobile and web application development, and networking, while exploring innovative integrations of autonomous systems, media post-production and processing, visual effects and modeling, and digital environment creation.

Our faculty practice what they teach by engaging in all aspects of industry and academics. From software engineers and cybersecurity specialists, to content creators, web developers, and virtual reality visionaries, our faculty engage and collaborate with industry partners and cross-campus researchers at a world-class institution in an effort to provide students with an all-encompassing degree that caters to their interest. Develop skills employers seek today, and build the solutions to tomorrow’s challenges.

Programmatic Goals

Students enrolled in our program can expect to:

  • Build digital solutions to problems using programming languages, tools, and integrating existing technologies.
  • Design the architecture, modules, interfaces, tools, and data for a system to satisfy specific requirements.
  • Build project management practices through collaborative challenge-based learning
  • Develop effective communication strategies for industry engagement
  • Design digital media for applications, web, and content-driven industries and platforms
  • Develop business best practices of entrepreneurship, intellectual property, and system security
  • Identify and design digital media for identified audiences and platforms
  • Assess, build and integrate emerging technologies and intelligent systems

Explore emerging technologies and their integration into existing systems

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IT Annual Report

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